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Protective Bollards

Bollard to deflect impact away from doors in high traffic corridors


  • Reduces maintenance costs of expensive new doors, maintenance staff time and reduces risk of personal injury
  • Manufactured from high grade stainless steel to withstand impact from street tugs and powered laundry vehicles etc
  • Quick to install with socket or flange fixing
  • Bollard rotates in the floor socket to help deflect moving objects away from the door edges 
  • Tops can be painted in any colour and style to warn partially sighted of a obstacle


These bollards are available in several different types of fixings, they vary dependant on how strong you need the ground anchors to be.


The best variant is to have them rotating to help deflect the trains of cages away from the door edge to stop damage occurring in the first place, reducing the maintenance costs of expensive new doors and craftsmen wages, and reduce the risk of personal injury.

The tops are removable or fixed, removable are best suited to areas where there is consistent damage to doors, this is so because they can be easily repainted at minimal cost.

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Additional Info.

  • Very Strong to resist accidental impact damage
  • Rotates to deflect impact from door edge
  • Only 75mm wide not to cause unsightly obstruction
  • Removable to make cleaning easy if required
  • Made to either rotate in the ground socket or are fixed in the case of underfloor heating
  • Made in the UK
  • Polished or Satin Stainless