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Anti-ligature Pull Handle


Our Anti-Ligature Pull Handle has been developed in conjunction with several NHS Trusts.

The handles are especially suitable for facilities where occupants have reduced hand and finger dexterity.

As standard they are designed so the door is always pulled open by the right hand; the opposing curves providing a good solution for anti-ligature applications.


  • These pull handles can also be produced in opposite handing for single swing doors.
  • The handles withstand extreme force and are particularly suited to high wear-and-tear situations
  • Available with an indicator for use in washroom or changing facilities.

Additional Info.

  • Made from Stainless Steel
  • Available to suit any type of cylinder or lock case drive
  • Available in any plated finish
  • Available in any colour coating – opposite shown blue coating to match Normbau door furniture
  • Fixed by 2 No M5 bolts and 2 No. M4 bolts for strength or 2 No. M5 bolts and 3No 10G anti tamper s/steel woodscrew
  • Available in different designs to suit needs of individual client
  • Available with Anti-Bacterial covering